Viru-San is a novel, patented disinfectant based on uniquely boosted twin-chain quaternary ammonium compound chemistry. It is active against all known families of viruses, bacteria (including mycobacteria), fungi and moulds.
Viru-San is approved by the APVMA for use on all hard surfaces in poultry houses. It is safe and friendly to both birds and biosecurity operators alike.

  • Good performance in the presence of organic matter and in hard water.
  • Active against naked viruses (unlike traditional QAC compounds).
  • High surfactant content with excellent wetting and penetration properties.
  • Non-oxidizing. Safe to use on equipment.
  • Low toxicity. The LD50 (rat) of the concentrate is >4000 mg/kg (less than table salt).

   1. Remove litter and manure from floors and other surfaces.
   2. Remove all portable equipment.
   3. Empty all water and feed containers.

Cleaning Surfaces:
200mL/100L of water (1:500). Use 500-1,000 mL solution per m2 Leave for 30 minutes.
Rinising Surfaces:
10mL/100L of water (1:10,000). Rinse off cleaning solution.
Disinfecting Surfaces:
1L/100L of water (1:100). Wet surfaces thoroughly with 300-400mL solution per m2 and leave to dry. DO NOT RINSE.