Gamma-San is a liquid cold sterilant formulated for sterilization and disinfection of hard surfaces. Gamma-San is a stabilized mixture of Peracetic acid, Hydrogen peroxide and Acetic acid, which provides fast and effective against microbial contamination, including Spores.
Sport-Tex offers:
-Microbial control against bacteria and bacterial spores, fungi, and viruses
-Versatile Sterilant.
-High level disinfectant/sanitizer.
Aseptic areas
Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology, and medical device manufacturing areas.
Processing Areas including:
Other FDA and GMP's facilities.
Dilution Rate:
Dilution rate 1:99
Features and Benefits:
-Cost effective.
-One step dilution with a minimum shelf life of one week (after dilution)
-Low toxicity for workers safety.
-Flexible options for use depending on the facility need.
-Broad spectrum Disinfectant (10 minutes at 20º C) and sterilant (11 hrs at 20º C)
-Certificate of analysis and Complete traceability for each batch.