Atmospheric Disinfectant of Clinic and Pharmaceutical Ambit
Irga-San is used to realize continuous disinfection, in the intensive unites care, premature rooms, nurseries, waiting rooms, consults and other infectious high risk zones.

Irgasan: 0.05%
Methyl p-Hydroxybenzoate: 0.15%
Propyl p-Hydroxybenzoate: 0.15%
Butylglycol: 10%
Excipients: 100.0%
Application Form:
Irga-San is applied pure, through the molecular and electrochemical micro diffuser Aerobrumer type H, in the dosage of I minute per each 50 cubic meter of the place to be treated.
Application Precaution:
The disinfections with the Irga-San should be realized with persons absent of the places treated of 1 hour, after the treatment be done.